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Country Style Kitchens some love them and some don’t, it’s all a matter of preference. Even though it’s an old style of design it is still very popular; bringing with its sense of warmth and a timeless appeal. A country style kitchen can be modern and subtle or very rustic and ornate. Implementing a more modern country style kitchen can be done through small elements in design making it your own space.
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Profile doors and exquisite handles
A very popular profile that will create an immediate sense of a country style is a shaker door and its beauty lays in its simplicity but there are many other options available. Your choice of handles goes hand in hand with the door profile. A simple bar handle, an intricate handle, a square, oval or round knob or a buttercup handle. The finish of the handles can vary between chrome, brushed nickel, copper, etc.
Open shelving & Framed glass doors
Open shelves in a country kitchen has always been prominent and a perfect way of displaying crockery and unique items in the kitchen; adding interest and warmth. An alternate to open shelves can be behind glass framed doors, this still allows for display but a bit more organised and slightly hidden.
Neutral Colour Palette
A neutral palette is a common approach to colour choice as it relates itself well to the softness of a country kitchen. Designers usually stick with creams, whites or light colours. However, we now tend to see a more greys and blues in a monochromatic manner to bring a different look to the country style. 
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Timber accents
The use of timber adds an incredibly beautiful textural difference within the space. Timber can be brought in through the actual cupboards itself, breakfast nook or worktop surface, shelving, flooring, wall finishes or even ornaments on display. Timber has softness by nature and adds a lovely rustic feel in the space.
Freestanding ovens
The country style can even be implemented in your choice of appliance. A freestanding oven is ideal; it relates to the country look and functions well. For large catering and entertaining it is perfect. There are many new freestanding appliances on the market which give the aesthetic charm of a country style yet ensure modern functionality. 
Large Island
A large island is very common in the country style kitchen; this generally takes the form of combining a prep area as well as a seating area. With the kitchen being the heart of the home and gathering point for the family users this is perfect.
Country style is not as out-dated as one may think. It can be subtle yet still modern, creating a wonderfully styled kitchen for your home.
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