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What do you need to consider when choosing kitchen finish for a new kitchen? Colour, size, style and handle types, right? But what about cabinet how it feels when touched. It is also about surface textures and finishes. No doubt, your kitchen designer will ask you whether you prefer matt or gloss, but don’t be half-hearted in your reply. Gloss kitchens is now past it's prime in popularity and the latest trend are matt finishes. The cabinet finish you choose can create a dramatically different look regardless of the material the cabinets are made from. Your designer will help you choose the right finish for your kitchen cabinets will explain what’s available, the advantages and disadvantages of each, as well as some tips to ensure that the look of each finish will work best in your new kitchen. But you need to be careful choosing a finsih which is fading in popularity and you will be stuck with it for at least a decade.

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Finish Materials
Whether you have chosen MDF or particle board for your kitchen cabinets, there are a variety of finishes that you can use to achieve the look and functionality you want. Manufactured boards, such as MDF and particle board from any of the big brands are coated in polyurethane or with a layer of melamine, depending on the look you’re going for. But no matter what material or coating you decide on, you still have a choice of whether to go with a gloss or matt for the end product. There are some advantages and disadvantages for each option.

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High Gloss

What is a high-gloss finish?

High gloss is by far the most requested finish among most clients, and it seems to be extremely popular. It is more suited to a contemporary-style kitchen with flat cabinet fronts than it is for a traditional-style kitchen.

High-gloss are available in local or imported products. It is a more high end product with the relevant price tag attached.

High-gloss kitchen doors have a shiny finish that reflects light, which is one of the main reasons that gloss kitchens, especially white gloss kitchens, are so popular.

Advantages of high gloss
By reflecting light, the shiny finish of these gloss doors helps to make the space feel bigger and more open than it actually is. Thus chhosing a high gloss finish kitchen is an an excellent choice for any kitchen size. This light reflection is also a ideal if you are considering a darker colour, as you won’t need to worry about the shade absorbing the light out of your room.

The paler the colour, the higher the reflection of light, which is why white is the most popular colour for gloss kitchens. However, bear in mind that this reflective quality will also bounce light around and reflect other colours within the room on to those surfaces. Colour cast can slightly alter the appearance of the colour of your cabinets. So if you have lots of other colours in the kitchen or in a nearby living area, don’t be surprised if those colours are reflected on the gloss kitchen door surfaces, especially if they are white. 

Another great advantage of high-gloss kitchen is that they are really easy to clean, which is always a winner for homeowners with a young family. Use a non-scratch microfibre cloth to clean the cabinet fronts as they will easily pick up any dust particles sitting on the surface of the doors.

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Disadvantages of high gloss
Due to the fact that cabinets with a high-gloss finish reflect so much light, fingerprints, dirt and scratches are much more noticeable on them.

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