Monochromatic Kitchens

Monochromatic kitchens have become popular as they are simple, contemporary and timeless.

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Monochromatic colour schemes originate from a single base hue and extended using shades, tones and tints. Monochromatic kitchen colour schemes provide a strong sense of visual consistency and can help support communication objectives through the use of connotative colour. The relative absence of hue contrast can be offset by variations in tone and the addition of texture.

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According to science the true monochromatic images can be strictly created only of shades of one colour fading to black. While the word monochromatic factually means a singular colour, it actually means that the colour will be developed in a few ways to create a liveable space. Neutral colour schemes can also be monochromatic, with variations of a neutral colour.

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The most attractive and enjoyable way to complete your colour scheme is with texture and print. Texture adds interest to the room through the uneven surface that varies how light hits the surface. A texture can appear light and dark, even when created with the same colour. Fabric Bar stools or a wooded chandelier will add depth and assist in giving added detail to any kitchen using the monochromatic colour scheme. 

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Neutrals make the best monochromatic schemes. Consider a neutral monochromatic colour scheme for your kitchen to create a space that will be timeless and not overstated. 

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