Open Plan VS Closed Kitchens

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There will always be people that choose one side or another, open plan or closed.  Let's look at the benefits of each.

Open plan kitchens are typically better geared for entertaining or for families where you can have constant interaction with your guests or children, perhaps while you supervise their homework or with friends over a glass of wine.

Open plan kitchens generally allow for better lighting as they are usually situated in close proximity or adjacent to the lounge or dining room, areas which typically have larger windows for more light.  So once existing walls have been removed, this would allow for better illuminosity (natural light).

However, the cost of the removal of walls, tiles, relocating of plumbing and electrical points could prove costly and perhaps not even worth the exercise.  Funds could then perhaps be better utilized on upgrading your new kitchen with soft close doors and drawers or better appliances.

Another downside of open plan kitchens is that regardless of how good your extraction appliance is, there will always be lingering cooking smells in the kitchen which would now permiate the rest of the house as well.  not good if you dont really enjoy the smell of your cooking.

Noise is another factor to consider.  As there are no walls to absorb sound, it does tend to travel more easily.

Something to consider is that your new open plan kitchen would generally need to be kept pretty neat and tidy as it will now be on "display"for guests to see.

Closed kitchens are considered more private and intimate which is great if youve been cooking up a storm and the kitchen is in a bit of a state...simply close the door and worry about the cleaning later.

However;  closed kitchens do tend to isolate the cook from interacting wirh guests, so if entertaining is a high priority, open plan is probably better suited to your lifestyle.

Besides being able to close the door and forget about the mess in the kitchen, the number one complaint regardign closed kitchens is that they tend to "trap"smells and are typically noisey areas.

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Sunday, 18 August 2019