Open wardrobes

Built in cupboards are not always plain and simple in any bedroom, they can add quite a lot of flair to those not seen by everybody areas. The flexibility of an open wardrobe means it can suit any space and what you want to store. You can put together your own combination in your bedroom, hall or even inside a walk-in closet or cupboard. It takes care of your things, gives you a good view of them, and you can add to it as your needs change.

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Open wardrobe combinations offer lots of options for organising your clothes. By mixing and matching different clothing storage — like drawers, shelves and rails — there are wardrobes for rooms of all sizes.

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Fancy creating your own open clothes and shoe storage? There are systems that have different parts that you put together the way you want. You get a personal combination that suits your space and your things, and that you can adapt or re-arrange whenever you feel like it. 

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Your open wardrobe, made easy and elegantUse open storage to put the clothes you love on show.

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With a custom-designed wall unit, it’s easy to see what you have and find outfit inspiration.


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Monday, 25 May 2020