Generally found in high end kitchens, the pot filler tap is becoming a popular choice in today’s modern kitchen. The swinging cold water tap, mounted above the hob allows you to easily fill up pots directly on the hob without having to carry around heavy pots from the sink, adding convenience and function. Plus the classic look of a jointed-arm tap adds a touch of elegance and practicality. But is this feature really necessary or just a luxury? It is a luxury that creates convenience, and convenience is a big factor when creating the kitchen of your dreams. 
Lighten The Load
Sure it’s a great opportunity to start bulking up on some upper body strength, but unfortunately that type of strain can go straight to your back instead. A pot filler allows you to avoid lifting, straining or twisting. Critics will point out that you still have to carry the pot to the sink to empty it when you’re done. Also, when your dishwasher is done cleaning your dishes you still have to unload it, and when your oven finishes cooking your meal you still have to serve it to your guests. In other words, we’ll gladly take convenience wherever we can get it.
Save Time & Hassle
Perfecting a meal can quickly become a balancing act of multi-tasking. The pasta needs 12 minutes to boil, the sauce needs to simmer for 1 hour, the broccoli needs to be steamed for 5 minutes and your spouse is trying to rinse the dishes before your dinner guests arrive. What was already a challenge in and of itself has suddenly became a circus of yelling and waiting for water to go from hot to cold and back to hot, and bartering favors just to get a chance at the tap. Instead of juggling the kitchen sink, you could be out of each other’s hair thanks to a second water source. A pot filler reduces conflict and creates more opportunities for multi-tasking. 
Do More
You may not realize how much you truly use water in the kitchen until you have a pot filler. Think about how many dishes and items in the kitchen need water, from boiling and steaming to watering and cleaning, and then how often you need to add water. You add water to soups, pots of rice or oatmeal, the slow cooker, smoothies, your potted herbs, a tea kettle, the list goes on. A second water source in a separate location from your sink allows you to do so much more.
Add Style
The ideal kitchen contains appliances and fixtures which not only add function, but also Aesthetics. For example, a sink and tap can endure the rigors of daily use while also adding a touch of beauty to your kitchen. Just like your sink’s tap, a pot filler is both practical and beautiful. A pot filler gives you an opportunity for a new shiny fixture that complements your other hardware on a wall that would otherwise have nothing.
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On a scale of “Need It Now” to “Walking Out The Door To Get One,” how badly do you now want a pot filler tap?