Timeless Color

A timeless color ,strong and stood the test of time. While many colors that you have read about are often best when paired with other colors, white is an exception. You could add white to any space that you want without having to add far too many other colors in a spot. White in all its shades medium white, super white, iceberg white, high gloss white, is universal in any design.  You can even use a white floor to go with a white series of walls, cabinets, and other points. White is a strong option for how it expands upon the size of a room.

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It is ideal for cramped kitchens as it adds a new dimension where the room feels a little longer or wider, and showing the true feel and sizes of any large room. ,creating more space with color. Also, light shines off of white materials rather well to create a natural tone, and feel.
It has an equal quantity of all the colors in the spectrum. So it will contain both their positive and negative aspects. But probably the best feature of white is that it is impartial, independent and neutral towards everything.

{Weizter} {Kitchens}

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Wednesday, 20 February 2019