Tips on deciding on an Island in your kitchen

Kitchens design and style.  Beautiful colours and glossy working tops, a statement of personal style, and creative minds. The kitchen is personal, and emotional. Memories are made in kitchens. . Looking back from child hood to raising your own kids. This space in a house isn’t just a room or a store place for food; this is the heart of any house and the place you call home.  So how do you create a kitchen and keeping not only the aesthetic side in mind, but the functionality and practicality? And most important family friendly. Good news here is a few guide lines and info to keep in mind. If you decide to ad an island to your kitchen.

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If space allows you to have an island, always remember you need a minimum of a meter from the floor cupboards to the island. This allows you to be able to move freely around your Island. Enough space to open doors and drawer.
1-    Island Seating ...  The avag space you need for one stool is about 600mm,if you have an island with a seating area of 2.4m you will be able to seat 4 people, but keep in mind this is an the avagarage and guide line, in some cases you need more space.
2-    Hob on island... If became obvious that most Islands with a hob is normally dead centre, but this is actually not practical. Having your hob of centre you actually creating more functional working space, now you don’t have to work in two separate working areas.
3-    Prep bowl on island... Depending on the size of your island, yes go ahead make space for a prep bowl, the Avagarage Island there isn’t really space for a prep bowl. Best advices plan your prep bowl in a corner of your kitchen, space you really don’t use a lot.
4-    Drawers part of the island... The advantage of having drawers on your island, you can plan smart for this, first for what reason do you want to use the island, cooking or family time. You will use the drawers for utilities, and pots, please don’t overload your island with pot drawers you are not going to use them all. You know which pots and pans you use the most, store them in the island. You can also add drawers for plates.

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5-    Spice unit... Spice unit is best if you have a hob and planning to cook at the island, two spice sets is more than enough, with the spice pull outs you get now a days you can use one for all the spices and the other for your oils. Placing one spice unit on the left and the other on the right. Of the hob.
6-    Vegetable unit... Really think about it what vegetables do you put in your vegetable unit?? Only onions and potatoes. The rest we store in a fridge. So why a vegetable unit, good question and a valid answer none.
7-    Pop up Power point... What a blessing a pop up power point actually a creative innovated idea. Always looking for some place to charge a phone, or to use electrical appliances like a mixer. With a pop up plug you can now do all at the island, and when you’re done remove plug and push the plug down, and there you go no plugs visib
8-    BooK Shelves... Looking for some place creative to put your cooking books, use your island. With a book shelve cupboard at the end of your island, will make the island look more in style, giving it a unique look. Practical and functional.

There is many ways to create an island according to your needs. Sit and think what type of island you want, do you want it for seating, entertaining friends and family. Are you dreaming of being a chef, or being a chef at home, is it going to be a statement, or a feature.


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