Wall Finishes for your kitchen

There are many different ways to add character to a new kitchen.  Often, wall finishes are overlooked, but, could uplift an already gorgeous kitchen very easily!

Take a look at these great alternatives to paint or tiles.

1.  Wallpaper

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Now that wallpaper is stain and water-proof, it's about time it made its way into the kitchen. With new digital-printing techniques, you can have realistic finishes to your wallpaper. Choose from abstract geometric prints to patterns that replicate wood, stone and concrete

 2.  Marble

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Marble has always been associated with grandeur. Take a cue from the Ancient Greeks and drape this luxe material across not just your walls, but also your floors, countertops and even your sinks to up the opulence quota of your kitchen.

 3.  Concrete

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Another popular choice is exposed concrete. As it goes well with other materials, it easily lends itself to industrial, minimalist and contemporary styles.

 4.  Wood

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A wooden panelled wall is a great way to bring in that rustic, log cabin feel, especially if you choose ones that have pronounced grains and grooves.

5.  Exposed brick

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In this coach house conversion, the designer strips away the plaster to expose the red brick walls of her kitchen. The designer pairs them with industrial lighting, floating shelves and matt white cabinets, further complementing the rustic yet industrial interiors.

6.  Rough stone

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You can achieve that rough stone finish on the wall through masonry work or with tiles. As shown here, it can be the ideal accompaniment to a smooth all-white interior.

7.  Tile

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Metro tiles envelope this kitchen in a way that gives the space a subtle symmetry. In addition, they also offer a smooth transition from one living zone to the next.

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Monday, 25 May 2020