Ways to Get More Kitchen Counter Space

Counter space. No matter how big the kitchen, you hardly ever hear anyone complaining that there's too much of it. Especially in a compact kitchen, clear counters are a precious commodity. Luckily, there are lots of smart storage ideas that can clear up that problem.

Roll Me Away

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Roll Me AwayIf you're striving to save space, a rolling cart with a butcher block does a double duty. Use the top for prep when you need it, and give dishes or other supplies a good home on the shelves underneath.

Hang Time

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kitchen utensils have a notch on the handle, perfect for perching up high. This way, you can save your drawer space for something else.

Sink It

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When you're chopping, you can't be washing, so why not wash up sink as a prep area? Any cutting board slightly wider than your sink will do the trick.

Beyond the Block

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Let's face it, traditional knife blocks are counter hogs. A simple solution is to store knives on the wall with a magnetic holder, but make sure you dry your knives thoroughly before storing and place them carefully on the strip.

Top-Shelf Idea

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Open shelving—where ever you can, mounted on a painted wall, or even free-hanging from the ceiling—can greatly increase your kitchen storage capabilities. Although you'll want to choose eye-pleasing items to house there, the net result will be an increase in space down below.

Another Way to Look At It

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Having a limited amount of kitchen real estate can inspire creative, and at times beautiful, solutions. Installing a few shelves inside a window not only gains surface area for storage, but also captures a stunning backdrop for anything placed there.

Island Idea

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Use your kitchen island to work a bit harder for you by adding shelves for books, or bars for hanging towels or utensils.

Hole in the Wall

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Even if your kitchen's footprint is small, you may uncover a treasure trove of storage possibilities. In many cases, reclaiming this hidden wall space requires remodeling only this one area instead of the whole kitchen.

Corner Pocket

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Freestanding shelves like these from house hold suppliers can give you a clever, efficient way to use that often-neglected corner space.

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

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Use a cake stand to hold high-use items like salt, pepper, and olive oil. If you need more room, you can easily transfer the stand to another spot in the kitchen.

Jar Ingenuity

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Ah, the storage jar. What a great idea: Affix the metal lids to the underside of a cabinet, and screw the jars on and off as you need them.

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